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Toys!!! Woo-hoo!!!

Toys are an integral part of the office. It's a perk of being an animation geek.

They get played with, too, not just left in original packaging.


The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse

This was my favorite show on TV back in the day, so when Wendy's had these toys in the kids meals, I had to get 'em! Especially "The Cow".

Just found them hiding with a bunch of other cool old toys in the basement.

I really wish this show was available on DVD. It was too much fun for the networks to allow it to live, but at least we got a brief foretaste of John K.





The Iron Giant

This may be my favorite animated movie ever, and the toys were criminally hard to find.

Hogarth and the half-eaten car are missing (as are the smaller Giant's arms.)

These were played with a lot by the kids...


more to come...


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